Cheftap - Awesome Recipe app

Cheftap - Awesome Recipe app

Hey Everyone!

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I stick to a tight budget. I don't pay a lot for books and all the apps I use are free. Well, all except this one. I started using the free version - which is still available for free, but I loved it SO MUCH that I upgraded to the paid version. To demonstrate exactly how much I love this app - the paid version isn't a one off fee - it's an annual subscription. I'm the person who signs up for the free trial, then cancels before I have to pay, so this is a big endorsement from me. So what is this app? I hear you say.

+ChefTap. It is a recipe app. I have lots of cookbooks and recipe magazines that I only use one or two recipes from. I often Google a recipe if I'm looking for something in particular. I had recipes all over the place and it was hard to remember what was where. I looked at a few ways to organise my recipes. I had lots of favourites in a display folder, but the ink to print them all was expensive. If I shared it to Facebook, then I had to trawl through so much of my own feed to find it, it was practically lost forever. Many of the great apps had an upfront cost that I wasn't willing to pay to try it out. All the apps I looked at had limitations to where you could add the recipes from. Other options you had to cut and paste each recipe. Many apps you had to have an internet connection to access the recipes. I loved the Coles app because of the shopping list that could sort by aisle, but it was limited to the recipes from Coles. Then I found Cheftap! It is a smart app that can pull the recipe from any website or blog. It's very clever and only pulls the relevant information. The creators are very helpful too - when I had trouble importing my favorite recipes from the Coles website, I sent them an email and it was all fixed in a few days. The app is regularly updated and keeps getting prettier and easier to use.

When I downloaded Cheftap, it was only available for android. I was jumping up and down telling my friends about it, on ly to have them disappointed when they had an iphone. A little while ago they began beta testing the apple version and I got one of my friends to sign up. A few days ago the app officially launched for iOS! Even though I don't have any Apple products, I'm really excited that the Apple version is out, because that means they are now working on the shopping list feature! I can't wait!

Cheftap has so many great features. It can import and export to Pinterest. You can tag your recipes to make them easier to search. You can access your recipes offline. You also have access via a computer to make it easier to edit or manually add a recipe. You can try it out without creating an account and add up to 50 recipes. If you create an account and log in, you can add up to 100 recipes in the free version and sync between devices once a week. If you choose the Pro version, there is an annual subscription fee, but the number of recipes is unlimited and you can sync on demand.

Go and download Cheftap now! Then come back and see how easy it is to add a recipe. Here are some links to my favourite tried and true recipes. 
What are some of your favourite recipes?


  1. Definitely going to check this out, I use Pepperplate but I'm not entirely sold on it. Thanks for the rec.

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    1. I hope you like it! Come back and let me know what you think.


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