All Good Things by Stevie Kopas **Author Interview & Review**

All Good Things by Stevie Kopas **Author Interview & Review**

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I would like to introduce Stevie Kopas, author of The Breadwinner Trilogy. The final book in the trilogy - All Good Things - was released today. Happy Launch Day Stevie!

**Author Interview**

The three Breadwinner books were released this year in March, April and May. How long have you been working on them?
Well the first two books, The Breadwinner and Haven, were actually both previously self-published. The Breadwinner was released in July 2013 and Haven was released in February 2014. So they've been completed and were out for awhile before I signed with Permuted Press. I've been done with All Good Things since about November of last year. All in all, I've been working on The Breadwinner Trilogy from start to finish since about the beginning of 2013, so a total of just about two years.

What inspired you to start writing this series?
I was initially going to enter a short story competition with The Breadwinner. It was an 8,000 word short story with a completely different direction. The main characters of Samson and Veronica were both evil, and when they crossed paths they were both trying to get one over on the other in order to protect and provide for their own families during the zombie apocalypse. It was extremely different. I didn't win the competition, hell, I didn't even place lol. So I decided to change things up a bit story-wise and because so many people I knew really liked the short and wanted to see more in the world of The Breadwinner, I decided to turn it into a series.

I love the covers! Who did your cover designs?
Christian Bentulan. He's an extremely talented designer and he does custom covers as well as premade ones. All of my covers by him were custom and he's super easy to work with! You can check out his work as well as look at pricing, etc at his website:

Are you working on anything else at the moment?
I am! Just yesterday I started writing my next book. It's currently untitled but it's completely different than anything of my other published work. The Breadwinner Trilogy was zombies, my short stories have all been horror. But this one is going to be comedy meets Sci-Fi with some Chick Lit thrown in the mix.

What do you do when you aren't writing?
I work, but only because I have to lol, and I play video games or hang at the beach/pool. I love being in the sun or if the sun isn't in the sky, then getting lost in a great game.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Absolutely! Fans of The Breadwinner should definitely check out my short story called "Nefarious" in the At Hell's Gates Horror Anthology Volume 1. The short story is a background story about Moira, Samson's crazy wife in book 1. And if something unrelated to Breadwinner is what you're looking for then my second short story "Patient 63", a sort of post-apocalyptic love story with a zombie-ish touch, that one is in At Hell's Gates Volume 2. The upcoming Volume 3 will have my story "Spencer Family Tradition" which is totally non-apocalyptic and more of a dark horror story. All proceeds from the At Hell's Gates Horror Anthologies are donated to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. It's an organization that supports women and men in uniform as well as their families.

You can connect with Stevie via

All Good Things by Stevie Kopas

Locked up safely behind the walls of their glamorous beach resort, our survivors have grown comfortable, almost forgetting that the undead are still on the prowl in the streets below. But when the group loses one of their own under mysterious circumstances, they begin to question whether or not staying at the resort is their best option.
Friends turn on one another and once again, the group finds themselves back on the apocalyptic streets of Haven, battling the dead. The biggest threat yet emerges and a traitor is revealed, proving once and for all that the flesh hungry creatures infesting the city are not the group’s greatest foe.
Will our survivors be able to make it out alive one last time?
The final book in The Breadwinner Trilogy is a non-stop, post-apocalyptic race to the finish line. Murder, lies, captivity, and a seemingly never ending onslaught of the dead are just some of the challenges our group will face.
Fates hang in the balance but one thing is certain: the end of the world is not glamorous, and All Good Things must come to an end.

Hey! Here's my review.

This is book three in The Breadwinner Trilogy, a fast paced zombie apocalypse series. It picks up where book two left off, with a similar mix of characters you liked and ones you hoped the zombies would eat. 

This book also showed that sometimes the living are more evil than the undead. There were lots of edge of my seat moments. Make sure you read right to the end, the Epilogue is after the Acknowledgments, and you definitely want the satisfaction of reading about who gets chowed down on by eaters at the end. (Thanks Stevie, I needed that closure)

I have also reviewed Book 1 - The Breadwinner and Book 2 - Haven

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