The Darkest Hour by Katherine Howell

The Darkest Hour by Katherine Howell

Paramedic Lauren Yates stumbles into a world of trouble the night she discovers a dead man in an inner city alley, for the killer still lurks nearby. When the murderer threatens to make her life hell if she tells the police, she believes him – he's Miles Werner, her sister's ex and father to Lauren's niece... and a very bad man indeed.

But when a stabbing victim tells her with his dying breath that Werner attacked him too, she finds herself with blood on her hands and Detective Ella Marconi on her back.

Keen to cement her temporary position in the homicide squad, Ella knows Lauren is the perfect witness for the murder since she can testify to the victim's last words. But when Lauren tries to change her statement, Ella realises that Lauren is hiding something big, and, while her colleagues label her suspicion an obsession, she begins her own investigation. The harder she digs into Lauren's past, however, the more Lauren resists, and the worse the threat from Werner becomes.

Will Ella's investigation put her career on the line, just when she's finally got her foot in the door? And as trouble deepens, can Lauren keep her family safe before Werner makes good on his promise, or will they all, Ella included, pay the ultimate price?

Hey! Here's my review.

This is the second book in the Detective Ella Marconi series. I started reading this as soon as I finished book 1. It is another fast paced crime thriller, this time involving illegal drugs. The narrative is again split between police and paramedics, though it is a different paramedic to the first book. I empathised more with Ella and the police in this book, but I also liked the paramedic view.

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