Freeding with Smashwords

Freeding with Smashwords

Hey Everyone!

Smashwords is a place where authors can publish ebooks themselves and set their own price. The ebooks available through Smashwords are not DRM protected, and available in a variety of formats, including epub, mobi and lrf,  so are easy to read on any device. Smashwords doesn't edit the books, that is up to the author to do before uploading the book, so you may find books with grammatical errors. Smashwords is a fantastic way to discover indie authors.

There are many ways to search for books on Smashwords. You can search by popularity, length of book, genre and price. You can even apply all four of these filters at once. There is an especially handy tab to click to find all the free books. I have sometimes found books available on Smashwords for free that  you have to pay for on other sites.

your ebook. your way.

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