Freeding with Kobo

Freeding with Kobo

Hey Everyone!

I have a Kobo Aura ereader, which I love. I chose the +Kobo as it was compatible with the epub ebooks that I could get free from the library. There are lots of ebooks available for free in the Kobo store too, if you know how to find them. There is no big easy sign that says "click here for free books".  Try clicking on "browse categories" then select a genre that you are interested in. Once a selection of books comes up, click on "sort by" and select "price: low to high". This should give you a large selection of free books. The free books can be a bit hit or miss. I have stumbled on some good ones, but also some I could have skipped. I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but in this case that is often a good indication of how much effort the author has put into polishing their book. Have fun and let me know if you stumble on a beauty.

If you like contemporary romance that isn't too raunchy, the first book in the No Weddings series is currently free in the Kobo store.

You can download it here. icon

You can read my review here.
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