Thoughtful freeding

Thoughtful freeding

Hey Everyone!

I posted earlier about the Christmas giveaway from Hachette. I entered several times and found out the other day that I had won a few books. Today a got an excited phone call from my Mother-in-law telling me that the postman just gave her two books (and on a Sunday - they are working overtime in the lead up to Christmas). The books came with a card and a note explaining where the books came from and who nominated her to receive them. By now I'd forgotten which books I'd picked for her, so I found out that she won these two.


My Mother-in-law already had "When the night comes" on request at the library and had planned to read "Bert" sometime too, so she was pretty happy. 
  • Where: Hachette Christmas Giveaway
  • Format: Paperback
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