Ho Ho Hachette

Ho Ho Hachette

Hey Everyone!

I was enjoying the school holidays this morning, lying on my bed reading aloud to both my kids. My dog started barking and raced to the front door. Thank goodness I have a dog as I didn't hear the doorbell. It was Santa's biggest helper at this time of year - the parcel delivery postman. He handed me 5 boxes from Hatchette. Squeee!!! More books for me!!!!

I knew I had won some books from  Hachette's "It's the thought that counts" Christmas giveaway, and here they were. On closer inspection, one of the boxes was not for my address. The postie had mixed up someone elses parcel from Hachette with all mine. A quick Google maps search, and I found they were only a couple of streets away. I jumped in the car (it's way to hot and humid to walk at the moment) and I popped around the corner to deliver the parcel. When I got back home, I topped off my good deed feel good vibes with my excited I won free books vibes and opened all the parcels. This is what I found.

A picture book for my daughter, a novel for my son (might have to save it for a couple of years) and two books for me. Poor hubby missed out this time - I did think of him and chose a book for him too. Out of the ten books I nominated, I got seven of them and poor hubby was one that missed out. But he is eyeing off the Karen Rose book, so I may share it. Each book came with a lovely letter explaining who nominated them for a free book. Thank you Hachette! Reviews to follow.
  • Where: Hatchette's "It's the thought that counts" Christmas giveaway
  • Format: paperback

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