Goodreads reviewer

Goodreads reviewer

Hey Everyone!

I started reviewing books on Goodreads before I began blogging.  I usually review books on Goodreads first, then copy the review here.  

I aim to keep my reviews short and simple.  I don't generally give in-depth reviews. I figure you can read the synopsis yourself, I don't need to rehash the plot. I make sure I don't post spoilers. A couple of paragraphs usually cover what I want to say.

For more in-depth discussion, I often participate in Buddy Reads and Book of the Month discussions in Goodreads groups such as NBRC.

It was the requirement to review books for NetGalley that first prompted me to start posting reviews. I'd never seen myself as qualified to write a review before. Since writing reviews, I realised that everyone is qualified to write a review - it's your personal opinion. Everyone has an opinion.

Some of my reviews have even made it to the "NetGalley members say" section, such as Still Alice and Reluctantly Charmed.  Now I love stopping to think about a book after I have finished.  I also love when people "like" my review our "+1" my blog post. It's that little bit of feedback that lets you know someone is listening.

I was excited to see that this week, for the first time, I had enough "likes" on my Goodreads reviews to make it into the Best 100 reviewers in Australia for the week (number 84 at the time of posting) .  I  have been in the top Top 100 reviewers in Australia few times for the number of reviews I post (number 66 at the time of posting).

If you want to check out all my reviews on Goodreads, you can find them here.