NetGally vs Local library - round 3

NetGally vs Local library - round 3

Hey Everyone!

The local library won round 1 and round 2 (with support from Borrowbox), who won round 3?

Browsing through NetGalley, as I do, and I spot The Mime Order. I had read book one The Bone Season as part of a BOM buddy read and I'd enjoyed it, so I clicked "request" and waited........

Yay! I was approved! It's not due to be released until January 27, 2015, So I have almost 3 months to read it as the publisher would prefer that I don't publish a review until 1 week prior to publication.

Round 3 to NetGalley!

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Review to follow.
This book is available to purchase from Amazon here:  The Mime Order (The Bone Season)

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