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Do you read books one at a time, or do you have a few on the go and swap between them? I usually have at least three in my currently reading shelf. Generally it's an audiobook - for the commute to work and to keep me happy while doing house work, a bedtime story chapter book I'm reading aloud to the kids and a paperback or ebook for me. I'm still working through the Secret Seven series by Enid Blyton with the kids.

Recently my Mum came to visit to keep me company while my hubby was away. We both love reading, so when we weren't gossiping, we were sitting in the lounge, drinking coffee and reading. We have similar tastes in books, so when Mum finished a library book, I decided to read it to. Here's the latest paperback I read. The quotes are the ones Mum read out loud to me as she came across them.

The Angel at No. 33The Angel at No. 33 by Polly Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Giggled, sobbed, giggled again. I loved the opening line - "So I get run over by a bus and I am wearing my worst knickers". This sets the tone for the whole book. A sad topic of somebody dying and how that impacts friends and family, with lots of humour thrown in.

British chick lit with likable characters I could relate to. Predictable plot, but I would have been unhappy if it had finished any other way.

Favourite word - periodphernalia, as in "There are no beauty products or periodphernalia in the bathroom cabinet"

  • Where: Local library
  • Format: paperback
This book is available to purchase from Amazon here:  The Angel at Number. 33

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