Catch the Reading Bug

Catch the Reading Bug

Catch the Reading Bug 
When I was a kid I loved to chase grasshoppers and catch butterflies, and then one 
day I caught the reading bug!

Duration: You set the pace!

◆ Fairy fly: 1-3 letters ◆ Sugar ant: 4-6 letters ◆ Ladybird: 7-10 letters ◆ Honey bee: 11-15 letters ◆ Butterfly: 16-20 letters ◆ Dragon fly: 21-25 letter ◆ Goliath beetle: All 26 letters
Rules: Pick one or more letters or do the whole alphabet from A-Z! Spell-It-Out: For each letter of the alphabet, pick the name of an insect or an entomological term, then read books with titles, series names, authors (first or last name), characters (first or last name), that begin with letters that correspond to letters of the word you choose. You may ignore the indefinite and 
definite articles (a, an, the, etc).

Bonus: You may substitute any letter with a book if it has an insect name in 
the title or a picture of an insect on the cover (Hint: tattoos of butterflies 
and other insects count).

For letter H, I chose the word head.

H Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah - author Hannah
E Eat, Pray, Love - title Eat
A Kiss the Girls - series Alex Cross
D The Book of Lost Things - character David

For letter X, I chose the bonus option.

X The Diving Bell and the Butterfly: A Memoir of Life in Death - insect in title

 or    - insect on cover                                                                                  

For ideas check out the lists of insects and entomology terms.      

Hey! Here's a challenge.

This was the first challenge I wrote for NBRC. The spell it out challenges are always popular. Come and join in if you like.

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