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Monday, 10 November 2014

Audiofreeding accessories

Hey Everyone!

As you may know from some of my other posts, I LOVE AUDIOBOOOKS! I listen to them via headphones on my smartphone. I have mentioned the app I like to use, so here are the headphones. I was using the earbuds that came with my +Samsung Galaxy S5. I had even made a small shoulder bag to put my phone in when I was wearing an outfit that didn't have pockets, but I was always getting tangled in the cords. Especially when hanging the washing or loading the dishwasher (audiobooks make housework bearable!).

So on went the search for headphones. I decided that bluetooth headphones would be the solution. On my first visit to +JB Hi-Fi, I found some awesome ones, but a bit out of budget. You know how much I love free books, so budget everything is always preferred. I Googled bluetooth headphone reviews to see what was out there. I found an awesome review for some headphones from Amazon, but they wouldn't deliver to Australia. Next step.... +eBay . I found a few that looked ok, then I spotted some that looked like the ones in the review. Maybe not the exact same model, but near enough. and a few days new headphones (and another pair for my husband so he didn't get jealous...and it was his birthday). I love them! They do exactly what I wanted; 20 hours use between charges is awesome!

Five months later and they are still going strong. I LOVE them! Mine are a little more battered around than my hubby's because I use them every day. Maybe I'll swap them when he's not looking........

14 months later, one of the wires is loose and I have intermittent sound in one ear. Tried to switch with hubby's but he caught me. Definitely got my money's worth, though it might be time to replace them.

Since then I have tracked down some that are even cheaper and do ship to Australia from Amazon.

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