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Saturday, 18 October 2014


Hey Everyone!
I've always loved reading but over the past few years I haven't read as much. Life gets busy when you get married, have kids and move interstate. Last year I decided I wanted to join a book club, but I couldn't match up the time's my husband could watch the kids with the time's the book club was on. This led me to an online search and I stumbled upon the idea of an online book club, where I could read what I wanted and contribute when I had time.

I decided to join NBRC, a book club in Goodreads. I described Goodreads to my Mum as Facebook for books. Goodreads is a great place to track what you are reading, find recommendations, review books, participate in discussions, challenge yourself and have fun. Goodreads has the most features when accessed via computer, but there is also a mobile web page, an android app and an i tunes app. Follow the links above and check it out.

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  • Where: Online, Playstore, i tunes (links above)

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