Renee Conoulty: Landing Luck by Tracy Krimmer


Friday, 28 April 2017

Landing Luck by Tracy Krimmer

Humiliation follows Aida Wilde wherever she goes. When her opportunity to prove herself at work goes awry, she's certain her entire future is doomed.

Wes Luedeke seems to have it all as CEO of his own company. But it can be lonely at the top.

Can down on her luck Aida help Wes find his way to happiness? And will outgoing Wes teach Aida to own her embarrassing situations?

Hey! Here's my review.

Aida has been unlucky in life but will she finally become lucky in love? This is a romance novella, so of course she will but the fun is finding out how.
I devoured this book in one sitting. I love all Tracy's books, no matter the page count, and this novella was the perfect length to tell Aida's story. I was emotionally engaged and connected well with Aida.
I'm looking forward to Tracy's next book.


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  • Format: ebook

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