Renee Conoulty: Full Time Author


Sunday, 30 October 2016

Full Time Author

Hey Everyone,

There are only a few more days until my debut novel, Don't Mean a Thing, is published. And if publishing a book isn't enough work on its own, I decided to do it the week before I move interstate!

My hubby is in the Royal Australian Air Force (just like the heroine in my book) and it's time for our next posting (PCS for my US military readers). He's been away on a training course for several months now and I can't wait for our family to be all together again. I've pushed for publication before I leave because the story is set in Darwin, where I'm currently living, and I really wanted to have my book launch party "on location". I've managed to schedule it for one hour after hubby's flight gets in, so cross your fingers for me that there are no flight delays. Follow Renee Conoulty - Author on Facebook and I'll try to get some Facebook Live video from the party.

I'm excited about the next step in our military life adventure (little plug - I have a collection of flash fiction called #militarylife that you can get free when you sign up for my newsletter). We have an eight-day road trip coming up a week after my launch party. I've had a great time planning our route and booking accommodation.

Another aspect to this new adventure is that I've had to quit my job. I was working as a Teacher's Aide in a primary school. It was difficult to say goodbye to my three classes of kids. They each wrote me a letter and after being brought to tears in the classroom when a couple of the kids read theirs out, I haven't quite built up the strength to read the rest. My team brought forward our Christmas dinner, so that I could make it, so Friday was a huge day.

I woke up yesterday morning and thought Well, I'm unemployed, then it occurred to me that, no, I'm not unemployed. I'm a full time author. 


  1. Congrats Renee! You may even be posted to Melbourne ! If so we must meet up 😀

    1. I'll be in Wagga Wagga this time around, but if you ever come through, look me up :)

  2. Congrats. I cannot wait to read it! I'm sorry about moving, it can be so hard, but exciting! And yes, YOU ARE a full-time writer! WTG!