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Monday, 30 May 2016

Una Tiers Book Review Recipe

Hey Everyone!

I'd like to introduce you to Una Tiers, who I met via the wonderful world of book blogging.

Una Tiers is the pen name for an attorney in Chicago, Illinois who releases stress by murdering people, on paper. Years of law practice have provided her with both the stress and the stories to amuse readers.

Una Tiers writes humorcide/mysteries about the law. Her first series, called the Fiona Gavelle Mysteries has five books. The stories are set in the most magnificent city in the world, Chicago, Illinois. Her characters are compilations of so many people she met over the years. The underlying message? There are lessons about the law woven into the books along with senior power ideas.

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Guest Post - Book Reviews

A book review is your opinion of a book. It's how you feel about the plot, characters, pace and/0r message. It's how the book made you feel or think. It doesn't have to be more than a few sentences. You should NOT use a spoiler or be mean spirited.

Recently, I heard a speaker who suggested something disturbing about reviews. She said the author should write the reviews, in a pick and chose manner and give them to the reader, with a copy of the book. The reader can then pick the statements they agree with. Reading the book wasn't stressed.

I'm appalled. Still we all remember the book puppet review scandal and have read reviews that all seem suspiciously similar.

Please consider following this modified Easy Bake Oven recipe:

1. Read the book. 
2. Answer a few questions. Some suggestions follow. 
3. Did you like, love or dislike the book? 
4. What reason can you give for your position? Were the characters fun or flat? Did you like the hero of the story? Was the premise unbelievable? 
5. What did you think of the plot? 
6. Did the book have a message?

Books are close to an author's heart because they are something we created. We aren't selling widgets, we are selling a little of our imagination. Consider harsh criticism to be similar to criticizing a friend's spouse. Of course an ex-spouse is fair game. 

If you would like a sample of one of the Fiona Gavelle Mysteries, send us an email:

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  1. Hi Renee, I LOVE the pictures! Thank you for sharing your blog across the world.
    Una Tiers

    1. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for being part of my blog today.