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Friday, 8 April 2016

What Happens in the Alps... by T.A. Williams **Guest Post & Review**

TAWilliams TrevorHey Everyone!

I'd like to introduce you to T.A. Williams, who is on tour with his latest novel, What Happens in the Alps.

Firstly, my name isn't T A. It's Trevor. I write under the androgynous name T A Williams because 65% of books are read by women. In my first book, "Dirty Minds" one of the (female) characters suggests the imbalance is due to the fact that men spend too much time getting drunk and watching football. I couldn't possibly comment. Ask my wife... I've written all sorts: thrillers, historical novels, short stories and now I'm enjoying myself hugely writing humour and romance. Romantic comedies are what we all need from time to time. Life isn’t always very fair. It isn’t always a lot of fun, but when it is, we need to embrace it. If my books can put a smile on your face and maybe give your heartstrings a tug, then I know I’ve done my job. I‘ve lived all over Europe, but now I live in a little village in sleepy Devon, tucked away in south west England. I love the place. That’s why you’ll find leafy lanes and thatched cottages in most of my books. Oh, yes, and a black Labrador.   I've been writing since I was 14 and that is half a century ago. However, underneath this bald, wrinkly exterior, there beats the heart of a youngster. My wife is convinced I will never grow up. I hope she's right. 

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Guest Post - Reviews

When readers get to the end of my new e-book, What Happens in the Alps… they are offered the chance to post a review with a simple click. Some people will, some won’t. Some reviews will be good, others not so good. Do reviews matter?

The answer has to be yes, for a number of reasons. First, it would appear that the mysterious workings of Amazon and other retailer websites mean that the more reviews you have, the more likely you are to find your book promoted by them. So, from a sales point of view, the received wisdom is that they count.

Then there’s the personal point of view of the author. I just don’t believe any writer who claims not to be interested in reviews. It’s surely a very natural human instinct to want to know what people think of you and your work. The book you have written is your baby. You’ve put it out there for all to see. and the opinion of the readers really matters. It has to. Imagine if it were a real baby. You are outside, walking through the park, and a passing stranger stops to say what a sweet, pretty baby you have. Don’t tell me that doesn’t give you a warm, cosy feeling. But, what if that stranger had stopped to say, ‘I really feel I have to tell you that is one of the ugliest babies I’ve ever seen in my life’? Definitely no cosy feeling now.

So far, I’ve been pretty fortunate. The vast majority of the reviews I’ve received have been good, some very good, but they haven’t all been positive. I think my very favourite has to be the five star review I got from somebody who said she loved the book so much, she would pull it out and re-read it every year. That definitely gave me a warm, cosy feeling. Then, on one memorable day, just before Christmas last year, I got a 5 star review and a 2 star review for the same book. One said how much the reader enjoyed my writing style. The other just said, ‘Badly written’. Clearly, you can’t please all of the people all of the time… Probably the worst review I’ve had was a one star review consisting of just one word: ‘Meh’.

On a practical level, reviews, especially from people who are prepared to take the time to comment at length about what they did and didn’t like, are vital feedback. Until the book gets published, the only people who have read it have, for the most part, been friends and family. And it’s very unlikely that any friend or relative is going to tell you to your face that they hate your work (however much they might like to). If like me you are fortunate enough to have an editor at the publishing house whose input and verdict you can trust, that’s something, but Joe Public is the one that counts. So, when the first of the reviews start coming in from people you don’t know, and who have no vested interest in telling you your stuff is great, that’s when you really begin to learn whether you are writing good books or not. And some of the comments have really helped me.

A reviewer whose opinion I really respect commented several books ago that my dialogue wasn’t always very natural sounding. I’ve worked hard on that as a result and, from her reviews of my more recent reviews, it seems to have worked. One of the ongoing discussions I’ve had with my editor has been whether or not to continue my habit of putting a big black Labrador in all my books. A lot of reviews have commented on how much they like the Labs, so that has heartened me and there is a dog in my latest, What Happens in the Alps… as normal. There are numerous other things, positive and negative, that I have taken from reviews and they have, I hope, helped to make me a better writer.

So, please, carry on posting your reviews of the books you read. If they’re good, that’s great. If they aren’t, try and tell the author what you didn’t like. It could mean the next book from that author will be a lot better as a result. One thing’s for sure. I will continue to read every word of every review I get. Thanks for your time.

What Happens in the Alps... by T.A. Williams

Up in the magical, snow kissed mountains… Two years ago, Annie Brewer’s life was turned upside down when her adrenaline-junkie husband died in a tragic climbing accident. So she’s hoping that moving to the beautiful village of Santorso in the Italian Alps will finally put her life back on track! …anything can happen! She might be going into business with her oldest friend – notorious lady-charmer Matt Brown – but men are definitely out of the question for Annie! That is, until she bumps into tall, dark and delicious Alessandro Lago on the ski slopes…and spontaneously says ‘Yes’ to a date! It must be the crisp mountain air but suddenly, anything seems possible. The only trouble is, chivalrous Matt is looking more gorgeous than ever… A sparkling romantic comedy guaranteed to beat the winter blues, What Happens in the Alps…is one story you don’t want miss in 2016! 

Hey! Here's my review.

What a gorgeous setting, up in the Italian Alps, surrounded by snow. This book helped me cool down in the midst of a tropical summer. It's a light fun read, perfect for the beach or to snuggle up with in front of the fire. 

I found Annie likeable and relatable. After losing her husband in an accident two years ago, she is finally ready to move on with her life and start her own business. I hoped she would be successful, and that one of the several luscious men she met would be perfect for her. I changed my mind a few times about who I wanted her to fall in love with, but was happy with how it all turned out. You'll have to read it yourself to find out who she chose.

I loved Leo, the black labrador, who was spoilt rotten and had the run of the ski resort. If you like dog characters, check out Trevor's other books. There's a black labrador in each one.

I received this book free from Karan Eleni PR Tours via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. Hi Trevor. I know exactly what you mean about reviews. Happily for me, all of mine so far have been positive, but I have been told that 1 or 2 star reviews (if the writer is specific about what they didn't like) can entice readers to buy the book because that is exactly what they like to read e.g. one reader might find the book too emotion-filled). Good luck with What Happens in the Alps. It sounds like a fun read.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Marilyn. Nobody likes getting one start reviews but I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to an opinion and one book won't be to everyone's taste. I don't like reviews that have nothing to do with the book or are personally attacking the author.