Renee Conoulty: Bookworm Buddies & Writer Friends


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Bookworm Buddies & Writer Friends

Hey Everyone!

Back in October last year I posted an interview with Rosie Miles, who I met by a chance encounter while browsing books in my local Target. With Rosie being an author, and me being a book blogger, we had an instant connection and kept in contact online. I jumped at the chance to read Rosie's debut novel Never Surrender and shared my review here.

This week, Rosie was back up my way visiting her family so we had a chance to catch up for coffee. Just like the last time I met up with some authors for coffee and a chat, talking with Rosie was like hanging out with an old friend. We talked reading, writing and life in general. We shared knowledge and motivated each other. We were so wrapped up in our conversation that morning tea didn't finish until 1pm.   We even had so much in common, that we accidently coordinated our outfits!

Do you have bookworm buddies you can share your love of reading with?
Do you have writer friends who encourage you and keep you motivated?
Where did you meet them?