Renee Conoulty: The Road Back by Di Morrissey


Friday, 4 December 2015

The Road Back by Di Morrissey

From the mountains to the valleys, from big cities to tiny towns, to the outback and our islands, Di Morrissey knows this country. She's been there.

In The Road Back, Di weaves a tale of reconnection and starting over.

Journalist Chris Baxter is at a crossroads. Returning with his teenage daughter to his mother's house in the beautiful township of Neverend, Chris hopes to pick up the pieces after his life takes an unexpected turn.

Sometimes taking the road back is the start of a journey forward.

Hey! Here's my review.

This is the second Di Morrissey book I've read. I enjoyed it, and I liked the main character Chris. I was glad he decided to change the direction of his life, but I didn't really understand why he did it. I loved the familiar Australian setting and seeing the teenage daughter mature throughout the novel. 

I listened to the audiobook edition and loved the narrator. He spoke clearly and breathed life into the characters.


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