Layers of Creation

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Hey Everyone!

Late one afternoon, last year, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed (how unusual...) when I noticed that a friend of mine had commented on a post about Layers of Creation. Curious as I am, I had a little sticky beak to see what it was all about. I discovered that it was part of the Darwin Fringe Festival, an event to showcase local authors and photographers.

The theme was "Layers of Creation" and involved three stages: photo, print and page. The first stage had already been completed by the time I found it. People had taken photos to symbolise layers which had been posted onto a website.

The second stage was to choose a photo and use it as a writing prompt. I was feeling a bit inspired (perhaps it was the glass of wine I was sipping) and submitted several poems and a recipe.

The third stage came to fruition last night, when the print version was officially launched. A small group of us met near Nightcliff jetty and celebrated the book launch while the sun set over the water behind us. I was excited to finally meet Jeremy, the "Editor in Chief & General Dogsbody" of the project. I'm looking forward to participating in his project for the next Darwin Fringe Festival.

Have you ever used photos as a writing prompt?


Layers of Creation by Jeremy Garnett

Layers of Creation was birthed in the crucible of the Darwin Fringe Festival. It comprises a project exploring the creative layers of image and imagination, following the process from Photo to Print and Page.
Inside, from a selection of Darwinian photographers, you will discover the marvellous photographs that formed the inspiration for the written words of our writers. This collection will catch fire in your imagination and may then flourish, creating layers in your own mind and beyond.

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19 November 2015 at 22:10 delete

What a cool project! Well done :)

Virginia King
20 November 2015 at 13:19 delete

You've mirrored the layers of the onion in the poem :-) I think a photo can get you digging deeper.

20 November 2015 at 18:29 delete

I never would have thought to write this poem without the photo. I think I'll play around with photo writing prompts again sometime.