Renee Conoulty: A Heat Of The Moment Thing by Maggie Le Page


Sunday, 15 November 2015

A Heat Of The Moment Thing by Maggie Le Page

Becky Jordan has had it with relationships. From now on her time and dedication won’t be lavished on her latest Mr. Wrong—or, worse, Mr. Hell-No!—just the dream travel job which has unexpectedly leapt into her lap. Finally, life is looking great.

Unfortunately, not as great as her sizzling-hot, take-charge new boss. Matt Frobisher is everything she doesn't want him to be, but if anyone thinks she'll risk her career on a workplace fling they can think again. No amount of Superman behaviour from him will make her roll over and play Lois.

At least, that's what her head says. Her heart, however, doesn't do logical. In desperation she finds herself a Mr. Distraction, one with no strings and plenty of appeal. But Mr. Distraction also comes with unforeseen complications. Kryptonite complications, like Becky’s sister. And when she shows up there’s only one sure thing: not even Superman can prevent the Disaster Fest that’s about to blow Becky’s life apart.

Hey! Here's my review.

First my heart stopped, then it skipped a beat, then it did little flutters at the end. 

My friend Becky was at the pool the other day, and you'll never guess what happened! Hang on, I don't know anyone called Becky... Oh, that was the book I was reading the other day. I loved Becky. She's another one of my book besties.

The story was light hearted chick lit, but not full of fashionistas. If you like your characters slightly imperfect, your setting contemporary and realistic, and your ending happy, then read The Heat of the Moment Thing.


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