Renee Conoulty: The Dead of Summer by Heather Balog


Monday, 5 October 2015

The Dead of Summer by Heather Balog

Funny and charmingly awkward Kennedy Ryan is sixteen years old with a dominating (and gorgeous) best friend, a mother who won't leave the house, and a crush on Carson, the mysterious new boy in town. Her life is totally normal...or so she keeps telling herself until her mother begins acting strangely, or at least more strangely than usual.

When Kennedy stumbles upon a dead body hidden in the basement, she enlists Carson’s help to solve the mystery and it’s sayonara normalcy, and quite possibly goodbye to everything she knows.

Hey! Here's my review.

This YA novel took me back to me teenage years and those feelings of being sixteen. The story starts out more like a YA romance, with a girl who has a crush on a boy, an overbearing best friend and a quirky agoraphobic mother. I was enjoying story and had actually forgotten that there was a mystery element until it popped up and surprised me about halfway through. From there, the story took off, twisting and turning and keeping me guessing. The romance element continued to play out under all the drama. 

I really liked the main character, Kennedy, and enjoyed seeing her grow as the story progressed. I also enjoyed getting to know her mother better toward the end of the story. The ending left me feeling hopeful.

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