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Friday, 23 October 2015

Daisy Malone and the Blue Glowing Stone by James O'Loghlin

Someone has to save the world and that someone is DAISY MALONE.

It's Daisy's 12th birthday but she's got more earth-shattering things on her mind. Her father is scared of everything, her mother has disappeared, and she and her dog Ben (a highly intelligent, talking dog - his words!) have just found a mysterious blue glowing stone in the attic.

But what is it, and why does everyone want it?

Sir Roderick the not-very brave 
'Very funny... Simply delightful, whatever your age' Daily Telegraph

Hey! Here's my review.

I read this book aloud to my 4 and 6 year olds. It is aimed at kids over 8, so much of the humour went over their heads, but it kept me giggling. They stayed engaged in the story over a couple of weeks and were emotionally involved enough to get upset when something sad happened. Every night I picked up the book and said "Daisy Malone", at which point both kids chimed in with "and the blue glowing stone"

The following interview with my kids contains spoilers.

**Interview with my 4 and 6 year olds**
Me: What did you think of this book?
6:Thumbs up ten times.
4: Awesome dawesome!

Me: Who was your favourite character?
6: Sinclair and Dennis.
4: Daisy.

Me What was the best bit?
6: The best bit was.. um.. er.. When Sinclair and Dennis, they died and then they came back to life!
4: When them getting the red stone

Me: Did this book make you laugh?
6: No. The book made me cry and the book made me smile.
4: No. Why are you writing no?
Me: Because you said it.
6: She is writing everything you say. She's writing that...and that...and that...
4: It also made me cry when they died.

Me: Do you have any questions for the author?
6: How did the characters get made?
4: How did you think of the creature with the tentacles?

I tracked down James O'Loghlin online and sent him an email, inviting him to do a mini interview with my kids. He responded the very next day with this.

Hi Renee

Thanks for getting in touch, and for the tweet. I'm glad you all enjoyed 'Daisy'. It's aimed at 8 to 12 year olds so I'm impressed that your kids stuck with it, as it is quite a long story!
Here are the answers to their questions

"How did the characters get made?"
My previous book 'The Adventures of Sir Roderick the not-very- Brave' was a about a cowardly knight who (unsuccessfully) tried to avoid adventures. So in this book I wanted the main character, Daisy, to be different - brave, curious and adventurous. As for Ben, he is calmer and sensible. With Sinclair and Dennis, my own kids told me that Sinclair was a bit mean, so I created Dennis to make sure that when Sinclair was about there was also some comic relief.

"How did you think of the creature with the tentacles?"
I'm really scared of octopuses, so I imagined an giant octopus, and then to make to scarier gave it big teeth. I wanted a creature that could climb up the cave walls, so I figured that tentacles would enable it to do that

All the best


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  1. omg this is so cute. I love that the author answered your kid's questions. And this whole process was so cute!! Thanks for sharing!

    Jamie @ Books and Ladders

    1. I love interviewing my kids. They are adorable (most of the time). James was fabulous and replied to our email the next day. Thanks for stopping to chat Jamie.