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Friday, 4 September 2015

Wesley Booth Super Sleuth by Adam Cece

Wesley Booth Super Sleuth by Adam CeceHey Everyone!

A few weeks ago I posted about how I'd won a copy of Wesley Booth Super Sleuth. It had to sit patiently in line while we finished the other book we were reading, then Wesley got his turn at being a bedtime story. It's aimed at kids a little bit older than my son, but he really loves mystery books, so I decided to give it a go. As I expected, it's not the most relaxing book to read before bed, and had my son begging for "one more chapter" every night. I don't read him books to put him to sleep though and I love seeing him so excited about a book, so I sing lullabies after to help him go to sleep. 

I usually put my foot down at one chapter, because they are a bit longer than some of the other books we've read, but last night I stretched it out to three chapters, the last three chapters (because I really wanted to know who the Hub Hill Heister was - I hadn't worked it out! But I'm not telling). We finished the book just in time for my son to take it school with him today for the Book Week Parade. 

Wesley Booth Super Sleuth by Adam Cece

Hub Hill Primary School is in the grip of a crime wave. Wesley Booth is a Super Sleuth — which is like a detective only awesomer — and this is his biggest (and first) real case.

It's not easy when he has to deal with an arch enemy (new-girl-at-school Cassidy Strong), traitorous friends and incompetent assistants, prison warden parents, a delusional big brother, a client who wants to snap him in half like a stick and over eighty-one million suspects.

But he has to work out who the Heister is before his detective equipment gets confiscated and he is grounded forever.

Hey! Here's my review.

**Interview with my 6 year old**

Me: What did you think of that book?
Him: Um, I really wanna do some sleuthing now and it was awesome!

Me: What was your favourite bit?
Him: Um...Wait...(thinking) When.... When.. When the guy told Wesley Booth that he had a Pinkie because a Pinkie is a baby toy. (Pinkie is a pink bunny toy owned by the school bully)
Me: Where's Blue Bunny?
Him: Blue Bunny is not a baby toy! (goes to get Blue Bunny - a toy he's had since he was a week old) Um, I have a Blue Bunny just like that guy has a Pinkie.

Me: Who was your favourite character?
Him: Wesley Booth Super Sleuth!

Me: Do you want to dress up as him tomorrow for Book Week?
Him: I hope my brain doesn't get too big then my cap won't fit. Is it OK if I call it a cricket cap, because in Wesley Booth, it's a cricket cap?
Me: Sure (it's an Aussie Rules cap that his sister got last week in her kinder kick pack at preschool)

Me: What do you need to do to solve a mystery?
Him: Good question Mum. Keep trying to find clues and if you find all the clues, you can put all the clues together and you can find out who it was. Just like if you have a puzzle and you find where all the pieces go, but you're missing one piece and then you just find the missing piece and you can find where it goes. that was a pretty long sentence.

Me: Do you want to read more Wesley Booth books?
Him: Yeah! I want to read all the Wesley Booth books. I love you Mum (big hug) That is the best book ever.

Me: Did you know that is the only Wesley Booth book, but the man who wrote it is going to write more. How long do you think that will take?
Him: Four years.
Me: Can you wait that long?
Him: No. I can only wait two minutes.

Me: Did you understand everything in the book?
Him: No.
Me: What did you do when you didn't understand something?
Him: I started talking and asked you. Sometimes answers that you gave me I understand, but some answers I didn't really understand. All of it I understand but little pinches of it I didn't.

Me: What's your favourite rock joke?
Him: I hope Wesley Booth's brother doesn't rock the house up.


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