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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Paper Planes by Steve Worland

One paper plane flies straight and fast and true. Dylan's.
Twelve-year-old Dylan Webber lives in outback Western Australia in a small country town. When he discovers he has a talent for folding and flying paper planes, Dylan begins a journey to reach the World Junior Paper Plane Championships in Japan.
Along the way he makes unlikely new friends, clashes with powerful rivals and comes to terms with his family's past before facing his greatest challenge – to create a paper plane that will compete with the best in the world.
Steve Worland brings you the exciting, heartwarming story of Paper Planes, adapted from the award-winning family film that features a cast of Australia's finest actors, including Sam Worthington, Deborah Mailman, David Wenham and Ed Oxenbould.

Hey! Here's my review.

I borrowed the audiobook edition of this book from our local library and listened to it with the kids in the car as we travelled to and from a camping trip over the weekend. My six year old was more engaged in the story than my four year old, but they both enjoyed it and are looking forward to watching the original movie version.

**Interview with my 6 year old**

Me: Remember when we went camping, and we listened to that book about paper planes in the car?
Him: Yeah
Me: What did you think of that book?
Him: Aw-aw-aw-aw-some (while bouncing up and down on the couch)

Me: What was your favourite part?
Him: When he threw the plane 100 metres.

Me: Who was your favourite character?
Him: The guy who threw it 100 metres. I forgot his name. Oh yeah, Dylan. Dylan was my favourite character.

How far do you think your plane will fly?
Him: 2 metres.

Me: Do you want to watch the movie?
Him: Yeah.
**runs off and finds a sheet of paper**
Me: Do you want me to make you a plane?
Him: No. Can you make me an origami fortune teller?

Oh well, the fortune teller will probably fly better than my planes do anyway.

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  1. I love interviewing my kids for book reviews, they say the cutest things!
    We hired the DVD over the weekend and watched it with the kids. They got a bit sad at one point and needed a cuddle, but were all excited again by the end. A great movie. In this case, the movie was made first and the book written after. Don't see that often.