Renee Conoulty: Luke... the second in a LOVE story by Sandra Fitzgerald **Cover Reveal**


Sunday, 6 September 2015

Luke... the second in a LOVE story by Sandra Fitzgerald **Cover Reveal**

Hey Everyone!

I'd like to introduce you to Sandra Fitzgerald, who has unveiled the cover of her next book, Luke... the second in a LOVE story.
ONE night, back in 2012, I went to bed.
Nothing out of the usual there. I went to bed almost every night back in 2012. As I did every night in the years before that and the years after. I say almost every night, because a fair share of those nights may have really been early mornings.
However, I digress...
On this particular night, that welcome sinking sensation eluded me. I’d just gotten to the point where your body becomes heavy, completely relaxed and ready to succumb to six to eight hours of blissful darkness, when a sequence of images started filtering through my mind – a movie reel on repeat. Over and over the same section of film would play.
I spent hours, night after night, tossing and turning, trying to shut them off. I’d fail every single time.
My husband, having had enough of my restlessness, very nicely – with a hand pushing in the middle of my back and me out of the bed – suggested I write the images down to hopefully get them to stop.
115k words later I had my first full-length manuscript.
That’s how I got started.
My husband’s desperate need for sleep.
I was first published in The Australia Times online magazine with one of my children's stories, Imagine If and have gone on to have a flutter of short stories in the adult genre published also.
I'm also a mum with weird kids and wouldn't want them to be any other way.
I have been lucky to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends - they know who they are - who are kind enough to not question my sanity when I refer to my fictional characters as real people.

Love Big & Love Hard
Love like it's your last day on earth.
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Now for the big reveal.......

Luke... the second in a LOVE story by Sandra Fitzgerald

We met Luke in Maggie's Five.
This is his story.

Lemons are a curious fruit. Add enough sugar and they're sweet, but not enough...

When I was fifteen, my best friend introduced me to his brother's girlfriend.
She stole my ability to see anyone other than her.
She stole my ability to want anyone other than her.
She stole me.

When I was eighteen, I finally got to kiss that girl.
Two days later my family and I left Australia to live in America.

When I was nineteen, I met Sophie. 
Then everything changed.

My perfectly constructed life, the life I've worked hard to create and maintain, started to crack.
Then crumble... then collapse.
I don't want to be attracted to her... I don't.
She's disorganised and impulsive and messy... Shit she's messy.
And beautiful.
God, she's beautiful.
And mind-consuming and heart kicking and blood racing.
And gone.

Luke... the second in a LOVE story is available for preorder at half price
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