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Friday, 18 September 2015

Kissing Frogs by Rich Amooi

Warning: May cause happiness and laughter.

Summer is finally here and Geography teacher Sara Larson has exactly one month to find the perfect date for the wedding of a high school rival. The odds seem stacked against her, but the last thing she wants is to sit at the kids’ table again. Or even worse, the singles’ table. While trudging through an assortment of certified losers, Sara fights her attraction towards Ian, the irresistible guy next door.

Art teacher Ian McBride has a dream of opening his own gallery, but for now he’s focused on sculpting a gift for his grandparents’ fiftieth anniversary and enjoying a relaxing summer. However, Ian is blind-sided when crazy, beautiful Sara and her giant dog move in next door and rock his world. Too bad she wants nothing to do with him.

How can Sara avoid the attraction that sizzles between them and stick to her rule of not dating neighbors? As far as Ian’s concerned, the prince Sara is looking for is right under her nose. And one kiss just might change everything.

KISSING FROGS is a fun, fast-paced romantic comedy guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Let the fun begin!

Hey! Here's my review.

I have devoured all of Rich Amooi's romantic comedy novels, and I think this is my favourite (so far). Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince. Sara has found the frogs alright, but will she find her prince? (Of course she will, this is a rom com, it has to end happily ever after!)

I work in a school, so I particularly related to the two main characters, who were school teachers. I could imagine being friends with both of them. I was completely engrossed in this story and finished it in one day. Loved it!


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