Renee Conoulty: My Top Six Favourite Places to Read


Sunday, 9 August 2015

My Top Six Favourite Places to Read

Hey Everyone!

I love to read. I read paperbacks, ebooks and audiobooks. I thought I'd share some pictures of my favourite places to read. You won't find any pictures of the beach - my local beach is liable to have crocodiles, not really somewhere I can relax. Anyway, I hate the sand getting in everything. 

My first favourite place to read is my comfy recliner in the lounge room. 
This is generally the only place I sit when I'm reading a paperback. I love to make a cup of coffee, put  on the ceiling fan and often the air conditioner to cool me down enough to be able to drink the hot coffee, put my feet up and dive into a fictitious world. This is also where I sit when I watch TV with my hubby, though I often sneak in a chapter or two if the show isn't keeping me engaged.

My second favourite place to read is tucked up in bed.
Well, not so much tucked up as sprawled out under the fan with an empty doona cover over half of me and my feet sticking out so I don't have nightmares from overheating. I love to read ebooks in bed. My ereader is easier to hold up than a heavy book. I wish my hubby would convert to ebooks as well. I gave him my old ereader when I upgraded, but he still falls asleep and drops his paperback on my head sometimes.

My third favourite place to read is the green plastic chair in the back yard. 
We bought expensive folding chairs that hubby loves, but I find the cheap plastic one more comfortable. I love to sit in the backyard while the kids play in the dirt, the guinea pig roams around eating grass and the dog begs for attention too. My backyard reading is often accompanied by a glass of white wine (with ice, I know, that's sacrilegious, but it's so hot!) I'll read any format book in the backyard, whichever one has my attention the most at the time.

My fourth favourite place to read is park bench at our local playground.
I prefer to read here in the late afternoon, when the bench is in shade. I usually listen to audiobooks when I'm here, so that I can still watch the kids while they are playing.  

My fifth favourite place to read is while hanging the washing.
Listening to audiobooks makes housework bearable. I slip my phone in the back pocket of my shorts, connect my bluetooth headphones and away I go. I usually listen to audiobooks from Audible or Borrowbox, or convert my epub ebooks with a text to speech program. I think I spend more time reading with my ears than my eyes these days.

My sixth favourite place to read is in the shower.
I know, most people would say in the bath, but a rarely have a bath, and I'm always worried about dropping my book in it when I do. I love to read during those ten minutes of uninterrupted privacy that I have while in the shower each morning. I put on those fabulous bluetooth headphones, top them off with a shower cap and voila - water resistant headphones.

Where is your favourite place to read?


  1. Great post! You can tell you're in Darwin from all the mentions of heat :) Love the black bed, plus fab idea to listen to audiobooks while keeping an eye on your playing kids!

    1. Yep, HOT! All year 'round. I've been here 3 years now, so I'm starting to get used to it.

      Audiobooks are great to listen to while keeping an eye on things. My Mum just messaged me and told me I forgot to put my car in . I always listen to audiobooks in the car too. Maybe I'll have to edit it to be my top seven... but then I also like to read...... This list could go on indefinitely!

  2. 1: my bed with my IPad
    2: I so wish I were in Darwin. I love Tasmania, but sometimes wonder why I moved down here from North Queensland. I miss that feeling of walking outside and feeling like I have been enclosed in a wet, hot blanket!

    1. Sometimes I wonder how I ended up in darwin after being born in Victoria and hating the heat! I miss that cold nose feeling and the ability to wear full length jeans more than twice a year.

      I've never been to Tassie, but it's on my list of places to go. I'll bring a hot wet blanket for you when I make it down there :)

  3. Oh yes, PS, I'm an audiobook nutter too, and reviewer. Aren't we special?