Renee Conoulty: Fools Rush In: An April Fools Day Anthology by Celia Kennedy


Saturday, 15 August 2015

Fools Rush In: An April Fools Day Anthology by Celia Kennedy

 Celia Kennedy  (Author), Whitney Dineen  (Author), Engy Neville (Author), Connie Stephany  (Author), Suzie Jay  (Author), Amy Gettinger  (Author), Laurie Baxter  (Author), S.E. Babin  (Author), Karan Eleni
A collection of eight contemporary chick lit short stories are set around April Fools’ Day. On the first day of April, tricksters play their pranks, but what will be the outcome? Some will find love, while others will experience betrayal. Other pranksters will seize adventure and travel to confess or rekindle romance. Some may face rejection, seek forgiveness, or earn a second chance. Read on and find out how love and laughter rule the day.

Hey! Here's my review.

A great collection of eight chick lit short stories all around the theme of April Fools Day. Each story was written by a different author, so had it's own voice. I couldn't choose a favourite, I liked each of them for their uniqueness. I expected that each story would have a romance and a happy ending, and wasn't disappointed. It was fun to see which pranks were played, might have a few new ideas now for next April 1.

As an added bonus, there was a character in one of the stories whose name started with X, so this book came in handy for one of the reading challenges I was doing in the NBRC group on Goodreads.


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