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Friday, 14 August 2015

First Sight by Laura Donohue **Blog Tour - Review **

Hey Everyone! 

I'd like to introduce you to Laura Donohue, who is on tour with her novel, First Sight. 

Laura Donohue is a graduate of George Mason University. She spent ten years working as a technical writer and editor before publishing her first novel. She lives in Washington DC with her husband and daughter.

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First Sight by Laura Donohue

Maddy Smith writes for a trendy website in Washington DC, has two fabulous best friends, and her own apartment. When a girl’s night out ends with her locking eyes with the handsome stranger across the room, the last thing she expects is for him to show up at her office on Monday morning.
Travis Emerson, her attractive and single new colleague, just moved to town. Although an immediate friendship between Maddy and Travis forms, she soon finds herself wishing for something more. After a misunderstanding between them occurs, not only is her hope for a relationship ruined, but their friendship is in jeopardy as well. Is any chance that Maddy had with Travis over? Or could he possibly be what she’s been looking for all along?

Follow Maddy and Travis on a series of adventures that will quickly have you cheering them on. First date jitters? Not when you’ve been in love since First Sight!

Hey! Here's my review.

Maddy is instantly attracted to Travis, but this is more of a connection at first sight story than a lust at first sight. It is obvious to everyone they work with that Maddy and Travis like each other, but will they realise? 

This sweet, clean, slow burn romance was a pleasure to read. I liked and related to both Maddy and Travis, and hoped they would figure out how the other felt. The characters and situations all felt realistic. I enjoyed this debut novel from Laura and look forward to her next one.


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