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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Our Lucky Day

Hey Everyone!

Last week I posted about my brush with fame when I met Jackie French at our local library and how my daughter won an autographed copy of Wombat's Diary. Well, later that same day, I found out that we had won a personally signed copy of Wesley Booth Super Sleuth by Adam Cece, which I requested to be dedicated to my son. (I didn't win the lotto though...) I didn't have to scratch my ear with my toe to win Wesley Booth, thank goodness, just share this video on my Facebook page.

I checked the letterbox this afternoon and found a package addressed to Tom. He was so excited and I had to pry the book from his grasp so I could take a photo. Hubby read the blurb out loud and sounded so excited himself that I think we will have a battle over whose turn it is to read the bedtime story. Thanks Adam Cece!

our lucky day

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