Renee Conoulty: Grey: To Read or Not to Read?


Sunday, 19 July 2015

Grey: To Read or Not to Read?

Hey Everyone!

So, Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes, I read them all a couple of years ago. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Kudos to E L James I say,  for creating the fuss! Fifty Shades weren't the first erotic fiction books written, or the best ever written, but a combination of timing and marketing meant they were the most widely talked about.

A few months back , the movie came out. I didn't rush to see it on the big screen. I wasn't sure how well erotic fiction would convert to film without either looking like porn or losing the smut. Then, this week I spotted the DVD at my local library. Hmm. Picked it up. Put it back. Wandered past the shelf a couple of times. Picked it up again and shoved it into my library bag, beside Kipper's Book of Counting by Mick Inkpen. At the checkout, I double check that I don't mix up my library card with the kids ones then we're on our way. Like every book to movie adaptation I've ever watched "the book was better". Though the movie was better than I had expected. Christian didn't quite feel right, I think the casting was a bit off there. By ten minutes in, I was planning a drinking game. Every time Anastasia bites her bottom lip.... I don't remember it happen that much in the book.

Grey. No I haven't read that yet and have no plans to. Though, as you can see, that doesn't mean I never will. I'm not a big fan of rehashing the entire book from another perspective, but I do reread books sometimes. Maybe, if all the Christian perspective books are out by the time I feel like revisiting the world of billionaires and bottom lip biters, I may check out his side of the story.

Have you read Grey yet? Do you plan to?

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