Renee Conoulty: My first free for review paperback


Thursday, 11 June 2015

My first free for review paperback

Hey Everyone!

I have a had a few authors discover my blog and offer me a copy of their book for free in exchange for an honest review. If the book sounds like something I would enjoy, then I will take them up on their offer. A couple of weeks ago I was offered a choice between an ebook or paperback for the first time. I usually prefer ebook or audiobook, but jumped at the chance for a paperback this time. The book is a children's historical fiction novel, based on the rebellion in Dublin that lead to Irish independence. I thought it would be wonderful to share with my kids when they are a little older and able to read it by themselves. 

I was really impressed by the review request email that the author sent me. She had obviously taken some time to look through my blog and get to know me a little before she contacted me. She didn't send a stock standard request, but added lots of personal touches highlighting points that may make the novel appeal to me more. Little things like:
 I saw that you are an eclectic reader and the novel seems to appeal to both adults and children. 
There is also an Australian character in the book, with a small but significant role based on a real person....
I don’t know whether Conoulty is your married or maiden name but it suggests Irish roots somewhere in there! There’s a place in Tipperary with that name.
 On another note, I saw that you have a partner in the military and I have a friend in England in similar circumstances, so know it can be a tough gig!
These touches made me feel valued and important, like she was out to impress me. It worked! The thing that topped it off for me though was the fact that the book was called Molly's diary, and my daughter's name is Molly!

A few days later I got a package in the post...... 
Thanks Patricia Murphy
Stay tuned for my review.

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