Renee Conoulty: Eight months old and crawling


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Eight months old and crawling

Hey Everyone!

HeySaidRenee is eight months old now and my blog baby has learnt to crawl!
It's been a couple of months since my last progress update and so much has changed. These posts are mostly for me, a bit like a journal, but I hope my friends don't mind  listening to me brag. To celebrate blogging for 6 months, I decided to give HeySaidRenee a bit of a makeover.

  • I added a pretty header photo of some books I own that I took with my trusty smartphone.
  • I increased my Twitter activity and started tweeting all over the place.
  • I created a Facebook page to share all my blog posts and all the other cool book stuff I find
  • I finally joined Instagram
  • I added groovy (ok standard, but I think they're cool) follow me on social media links in the side bar.
  • I created a button.
  • I joined the Amazon Affiliate advertising program, which means if you click on any of the links I have scattered around that go to Amazon, I will earn a (very small) commission on anything you buy. You wouldn't believe how much I danced around the house to discover I had earnt 34 cents! I can only redeem this commission in the form of Amazon vouchers, so that doesn't even get me another book! Keep clicking everyone!
  • I joined the Kobo affiliate program too because I have a Kobo Aura that I love.
  • Then I jumped on the bandwagon and joined the Smashwords and iTunes affiliate programs too. If you want to support HeySaidRenee, click on one of my purchase links to buy your next book - it doesn't even have to be the book I'm linking to. 
  • I changed the blog description from Freeding:reading for free to Hey Everyone! I just read this book..... and downplayed "free" throughout the blog. It didn't seem right to say a book was free because I got it for free when you would have to pay for it. 
  • I signed up with CLP blog tours 
  • I started interviewing authors
  • I hosted my very first giveaway
  • I received my first paperback for review
At six months HeySaidRenee had a total pageview count of 5,500. In the past two months that has risen to over 14,500! See the difference a bit of social media can make! I had one crazy day with over 400 page views from the UK in the space of 2 minutes! I have no idea who they were or how they found me, but if any of you are reading this now **waves** hey!  The United States has now overtaken Australia as my most popular audience.

The top ten most popular countries to visit me are:
  • United States
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ukraine
  • Ireland
  • Canada
My most popular post is