Double Village Idiot: A Laugh Out Loud Comedy Double by Pete Sortwell

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Both Village Idiot Review Books in one set 
The Village Idiot Reviews
Join Brian, as he tries to woo the girl that works in the local shop, will passing out face down in super glue while trying to make her a gift hinder his chances of getting her to go out with him? 
Will Father Frederick, an alcoholic vicar who has a slight issue with stalking be able to win back the heart of a woman he loved a long time ago?

And will Ethel, who thinks that throwing hard rice instead of confetti in a Bride Groom's face is an acceptable form of sport, be able to catch whichever one of these two losers in love with her trick as they step out of the church on the happy day?

Written entirely in the form of product reviews, we guarantee you’ve never read a book quite like this before. Hilarious and wholly original, The Village Idiot Reviews pokes gentle fun at the more obscure corners of your favourite e-commerce sites – and introduces the most bonkers set of countryside dwellers since The Vicar of Dibley.
More Village Idiot Reviews
It’s been a year since their last outing. Brian, Ethel and Father Frederick are back with more village idiocy.

Frederick has injured his nipples in a vicious moped accident whilst on his honeymoon and no longer feels like a man. He’s taken up the drink again and is making people’s lives a misery with his antics again. He can’t work out why strange men keep following him while he’s out drink-driving, though.

Brian’s concentrating on getting through married life while trying to find a hobby that doesn’t hurt. His cousin Jeff (from The Office Idiot Reviews) has moved in for the summer and is on hand to help Brian with his assertiveness when he is bullied by the local biker, Jock.

Ethel has discovered that it was Denny who made her shopping trolley explode last year and with Denny now an adult and living outside the safety of the children’s home, it won’t be long before she exacts the revenge she’s been after.

Meanwhile a battle for power is taking place at the manor house. Lord Monty, who ordered his title from the Internet, is in a battle of wills with his gamekeeper, Chopper. It’s a never ending struggle which, time after time, leaves Monty either out of pocket, in pain or soaking wet.

Written entirely in the form of product reviews, we guarantee you’ve never read a book quite like this before. (Unless you read the first one.) Hilarious and wholly original, More Village Idiot Reviews introduces the most bonkers set of countryside dwellers you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Hey! Here's my review.
What a unique way of telling a story! The entire story is told via short anecdotes in the form of product reviews written by various characters who live in a small village. These reviews were humorous and not always using the product in the way it was intended. I didn't like any of the characters but I found it interesting to see how all the products fit together. 

I listened to the audiobook edition which I received free in exchange for an honest review. Chris Dabbs did a fantastic job of narrating, speaking clearly and at a good pace. He used different voices for the different characters.
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