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Friday, 8 May 2015

Dating in the Dark by Pete Sortwell

Jason isn’t a midget, he’s an inch and a half off. He’s too short for the police and too tall for the pantomime. He’s also single and has been for all of his 32 years. It’s depressing. But not as depressing as being told by his mother that he looks like Humpty Dumpty – after the accident. So with a face not even his own mother can love, it’s hardly surprising that he’ll try anything to get a woman to go out with him, even if it’s only for a single date.
With little interest in anything other than his quest for a woman and a nice bit of cod and chips, Jason needs to think outside the box if he’s going to find someone who’ll give him a chance.
Along with Barry — his best mate — Jason comes up with the only thing he thinks will work: dating a blind woman. However, to do that, he needs to pretend he’s blind himself, which is a lot harder than you might think … especially when guide dogs are so hard to come by.
Eventually Jason’s efforts pay off and he meets Emma, a pretty professional with a host of friends. When he takes her out, they instantly hit it off. But will Jason be able to fool both Emma and her best friend Jerry into thinking he’s blind?
With everything to play for, Jason faces the biggest challenge of his life, and nobody — especially not him — can see how it’ll all turn out.

Hey! Here's my review.

This book had me laughing the whole way through. Jason isn't the typical leading man. He's not tall, dark or handsome. At the beginning of the story I didn't really like him, he came off as a real jerk. As the story progresses his character developed and I began hoping everything would work out for him. I loved how the story ended, much better than how I expected it to.

I listened to the audiobook edition which I received in exchange for an honest review. The narrator portrayed the characters and the dry British humour really well. He spoke clearly and at a good pace. This was the first book I have read by the author and I definitely plan to read more. Actually, I'm already listening to the sequel.

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