Renee Conoulty: Bad Behaviour by Rebecca Starford


Sunday, 31 May 2015

Bad Behaviour by Rebecca Starford

It should have been a time of acquiring confidence, building self respect and independence, of fostering a connection with the natural world through long hikes... 

A gripping, compulsively readable memoir of bullying at an elite country boarding school.

Hey! Here's my review.

The true story of Rebecca's journey of self discovery from trying to fit in at an exclusive rural boarding school to understanding and accepting her own sexuality. Bad behaviour deals with everyone's deepest desire - to be accepted. Themes of bullying and being bullied are explored as well as body image and sexuality. 

I didn't really like 14 year old Rebecca, but then I don't think she really liked herself at that point either. I could relate to her weaknesses at that age, not having the strength to stand up for a friend. Standing up to bullies is scary.

The writing style was all in the present tense, but flicked back and forth between timelines, which I found a little confusing as it wasn't clearly marked.There were a couple of quotable passages that I related to in particular.

"She's a nice girl, someone I would like to be friends with if I knew how."

"What I'd had with most of my school friends hadn't been friendship at all. That had been the habit of the familiar, the reassurance of the unchanged."


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