Sooty & Snow by Nikki Rogers

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Sooty & Snow is a fun and colourful book about boundaries and an adventurous chicken who insists on finding ways to get to the other side of the fence. Will Sooty realise that she is loved and the fence is there for her own safety?

Hey! Here's my review

**Interview with my 4 and 6 year old kids**

Me: Which one do you think is snow?
T: You can tell snow is the white one because snow is as white as snow
M: *points to the white chicken*

Me: Did you like that story?
T: Yep, I loved it
M: *nodded head* I love it

Me: What was your favourite bit?
T: When she was on the trampoline because she did a flip
M: When she was squeezing through then flying over

Me: What did Sooty learn?
T: Never go over the gate again or maybe that red bit up there will get chewed up - I mean the crest
M: To not fly over the fence because her person told her not to do it

Me: Which chicken would you like to be?
T: Snowy
M: Black guy
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Hey Renee, Thanks for reviewing my book, Sooty & Snow. I'm glad your children enjoyed it! :)

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Thank Meli for putting me on to it. It was a fun read.