Renee Conoulty: Race to the End of the World (The Mapmaker Chronicles #1) by A.L. Tait


Monday, 20 April 2015

Race to the End of the World (The Mapmaker Chronicles #1) by A.L. Tait

A map of the world? Why did the King want that? Everyone knew if you went too far in either direction you'd fall off the edge, into the jaws of Genesi, the fire-breathing dragon.

A reluctant adventurer.

A ship captained by a slave.

A mysterious sea monster.

And a race to the end of the world.

The first thrilling book in The Mapmaker Chronicles.

Hey! Here's my review.

A fabulous adventure story with a hint of fantasy.

I won a copy of this book for my son from the publisher in the Ho Ho Hachette "It's the thought that counts" Christmas Giveaway 2014. I put it up on the shelf for a while, planning to read it to him when he was a little older, but it kept drawing my attention. I decided to give it a try, but after reading it aloud for a few nights, my 6 year old was struggling to understand what was going on. It is aimed at older children and I think he will love it in a couple of years. I was quite caught up in the story by then though, so I kept reading it to myself to see what happened! 

The main character, Quinn, is a 14 year old boy with a photographic memory. In a time where there is still debate over whether the world is flat or round, Quinn is chosen to be trained in making maps. He is selected to go on a sea voyage to map the world, racing against two other ships to create the most detailed map, find treasure and return within a year. 

I really liked Quinn and the rest of the crew on his ship. There is a great balance of good guys, bad guys and Enemends (a word Quinn made up for enemy friends). 

My favourite quote was
You cannot change what other people will do. You can only change how you react to those things.
I'm looking forward to the next installment.

  • Where: Hachette Australia giveaway via Facebook
  • Format: paperback
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