Freeding with Audiobook Blast

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Hey Everyone!

I love audiobooks, but even more than that, I love free audiobooks! Some fellow audio nerd friends of mine from NBRC on Goodreads put me on to Audiobook Blast this week. Audiobook Blast is a place where you can find free and sale priced audiobooks. You can sign up to the mailing list and have the deals emailed to you weekly. There is also a Facebook Group,  a Facebook Page, and you can find them on Twitter.

There are limited numbers of free books available, so get your request in quick. If you are approved, you will need a US or UK Audible account to download the book. It is expected that you will begin listening to the audiobook within two weeks and write an honest review when you are finished, hopefully within the month. This is not restricted to bloggers, anyone who is prepared to post a review can request a book. It is a great service for authors and narrators to get their work heard and get ratings on Audible.

I have downloaded my first audiobook from Audiobook Blast. Stay tuned for my review (in the next couple of weeks) and many more after that.