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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Not So Secret Santa

Hey Everyone!

Back in December last year, I signed up for the Not So Secret Santa Book Recommendation Exchange in NBRC. It has become an annual thing, so keep an eye out for it this Christmas. Everyone who signed up was matched with someone to recommend 3 books to and someone different who recommended 3 books to them. It was a great way to make a couple of new friends on Goodreads. I had a look through my persons read shelves and to-be-read shelves to get a better idea of what they liked. The goal was to choose one of the books recommended to you, then read it before the end of January 2015.

The books I recommended were:

My Not So Secret Santa was very generous and suggested 5 books for me. So far I have read 3 of them and have the other 2 lined up. Not sure if I will get through all of them by the end of the month, but I well and truly reached the goal of one.

The books recommended to me were:
I was able to track them all down through my local library. I'll add links when I've finished reading the last two.
  • Where: Local library
  • Format paperback

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