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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Freeding for kids

Hey Everyone!

My son is 5 and learning to read. This afternoon he begged me to let him "play a game on your phone". I have an app on my phone called Zoodles. I have the free version with the basic features. There is an option to upgrade to a premium subscription, but I've chosen not to do that. The feature I love in Zoodles is that it has a child lock. Once I open the app, the kids can't get on the internet or phone anyone by accident. In the free version you can set either a z pattern or your year of birth to exit the app. To adjust the settings, you open the Parent Dashboard. From the dashboard you can choose which apps and games are accessible from within the child lock. There is also a built in drawing app and several short videos that need internet connection to view.

The "game" he was begging for today was Read Me Stories. This is a free app available for android or apple, and is full of stories for kids. A new book can be downloaded for free everyday or you can purchase several at a time. There is the option for the app to read the story aloud while highlighting the words, or for the child to read the story to themselves.

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