Renee Conoulty: Coming eye to eye with Graeme Base


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Coming eye to eye with Graeme Base

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, I met Graeme Base at our local library. I took my kids and my mum along to see him. It's not often that authors tour all the way up here to the Northern Territory, so I really appreciate those who do. Thanks Graeme and congrats on the publication of your latest book, Eye to Eye!

When I was younger, I loved my copy of The Eleventh Hour. I spent lots of time deciphering the clues and admiring all the detail in the illustrations. Over the years, my copy has been waylayed, so I was very excited to purchase (OK...let my mum buy me... I love it when my mum comes to visit, and who am I to complain if it makes her happy to buy me things.... Thanks Mum!) a new copy and to have it signed by Graeme. We also brought along Uno's Garden and Animalia to be signed.

Graeme was a fantastic speaker - charismatic, but still down to earth. His presentation was in the form of a relaxed question and answer time. He sat on the edge of a table, answering questions from adults and kids alike. We discovered all sorts of interesting things. Graeme started off as an artist and illustrator, then realized that if he wrote his own books, he could draw whatever he liked. It usually takes him one or two years to write and illustrate a book. He only works on one book at a time "I'm a man, I can't even chew gum and walk...." . He likes to write fiction, then no one can tell him he's wrong.

His favourite book is Animalia because it's the one that made him realise that he could turn his hobby into a career. Here's my review of Animalia by Graeme Base.

Interview with my 6 year old.

Me: What's your favourite bit?
Him: Eight elephants eating easter eggs.

Me: Why?
Him: It's just so funny, because elephants eating easter eggs, hilarious!

Learning about alliteration
Me: Do you remember what Graeme told you that sentences are called when all the words start with the same letter?
Him: **Covers eyes with hands** No.
Me: Alli....
Him: Alistening?
Me: Allit...
Him: Aliterwhat?
Me: Alliteration.
Him: Ahhh! Alliteration!

Me: Do you like writing or drawing more?
Him: Writing.

Me: Do you like reading or looking at pictures more?
Him: Looking at pictures.