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Thursday, 3 September 2015

to be read - powered by bliss

Hey Everyone!

So, I've signed up to another daily book bargain email notification service..... 

This one is the new kid on the block. As of today, there have been 3 emails sent out. I found them clean and easy to read. They presented well on my mobile device and I didn't have to swipe or zoom to read them properly. One of my favourite features is that the genres included are listed at the top of the email. Purchase links for Amazon US and Amazon UK are shown,  and prices are listed in US$ and UK£. There are up to ten books listed each day, so not a huge long list to scroll through, like I've had from other services. You can also access the archive and see the most recent lists from the website

From an author's perspective, because the service is still so new, advertising spots are currently free! There will be a charge in the future, once more people have subscribed, but jump on this opportunity while you can! 

TBR books

**Update** to be read now had a Facebook page


  1. Renee, you are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much for writing this! <3

    1. Hey Karan!
      Thanks for stopping by and for an awesome email bargain book notification service!
      Adding more books to my to be read pile.....