Renee Conoulty: In Search of Unicorns: Modern Fairytales for Modern Women by Youlanda Brewster


Tuesday, 29 September 2015

In Search of Unicorns: Modern Fairytales for Modern Women by Youlanda Brewster

Romance is in the air, and its heartbeat sounds of laughter.

If you or anyone you've known has ever enjoyed a Harlequin romance novel or a Hallmark card, you will fall in love with this collection of tales. Fall into 'The Bag's...a Lady' and watch a sweet but persistent bag lady find a young New Yorker the perfect mate, whether she likes it or not. Sample 'No Greater Love' and laugh over the exploding turkey as Silicy Tucker finds herself caring for her ex-husband with cancer and serving as guardian of his new wife. Hold your breath as a young woman fights to keep from falling in love with her ex-husband in 'Love Can Build.' I dare you not to laugh at 'Nappy & Me' as a young woman recounts her life with a very special friend who has a habit of coming out of nowhere and returning there. See if you can withold the laughter...and a few tears when a young woman loses her fiance to another woman on her wedding day, but they make it up to her by giving her their daughter in 'The Gift'.

Hey! Here's my review.

This collection of short stories had less of a magical fairytale feel than I was expecting, more general women's fiction. I enjoyed some of the shorter quirky ones the most, though none in particular stood out to me.

I listened to the audiobook edition of this book, which I received free in exchange for an honest review. The narrator was fantastic, enhancing my enjoyment of the stories.


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  1. Thanks for the review... It sounded promising... doesn't seem like it panned out.

    1. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't quite what I was expecting.