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Thursday, 16 April 2015

What Matters Most by Dianne Maguire

Confronting, amusing and compelling, this is a story about choices and how they shape who we become.

Paediatrician Mia Sandhurst and teenager, Rachel Hooper come together as doctor and patient, both hostages to people they love.

Mia comes to terms with her husband's cheating, while Rachel is deliberately shielding someone who deserves to be named and shamed.

Tim Hooper has his suspicions about his sister's persistent silence and, together with Mia's clinical know-how, sets out to uncover the truth, but the truth is more complex than either of them might have imagined.

Set on the coast of the magical Fleurieu Peninsula, What Matters Most is a frank portrayal of self-discovery in middle age coupled with an unvarnished depiction of the mysteries of child abuse.

Hey! Here's my review.

The stories of Mia, a paediatrician, Rachel, a teenager and Tim, Rachel's older brother are entwined in this compelling family drama set in South Australia. This novel tactfully deals with heavy issues such as divorce, family secrets, drug use, child abuse and rape. It demonstrates how the medical community work together with the police and child protection services to identify and protect children at risk of abuse. These heavy topics are softened with some happier sub plots. There is also romance, personal growth and a gorgeous golden retriever. The main climax came earlier in the book than I was expecting and the ends were all tied up nicely. 

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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